Project Name: Hawthorn Residence

Product Designer: Annarosa Romano/Bruno Menegon, Brian Rasmussen & Buro Famos

Location:  Hawthorn, South Australia


Formal Lounge - Florinda 6 Anthracite Ribbon Fabric

Dining Room - Icaro 100 Black Metal + Ivory Cotton insert

Hallway - Icaro ball 50 Black Metal + Ivory Cotton insert

Kitchen - Orb Pendant Black

Master Bedroom - Loto 100 Anthracite Ribbon Fabric

Interior Design Firm: Sofiaa Interior Design

Construction: Urban Habitats

Photography: Iain Bond

Brand:  Modo

Project Story


Connecting an older character home with the Florinda & Loto pleated decorative pendants to a modern extension using contemporary decorative pendant lights is a delightful blend of classic charm and contemporary sophistication. This design approach seamlessly marries the timeless elegance of the existing home with the sleek and stylish elements of modern architecture.

Maintaining the pleated decorative pendants in the original section, allowing their warm glow to continue casting a nostalgic ambiance. We have updated these fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs to combine tradition with sustainability.

As you move into the modern extension, we have created a gradual transition by introducing contemporary decorative pendant lights. Opting for fixtures that complement the colour palette and design motifs of the older section while embracing clean lines and innovative materials characteristic of modern design.

Selecting pendant lights with geometric shapes, minimalist designs, or unconventional materials which establish a visual dialogue between the two spaces. Icaro Pendant and Orb glass pendants offer a striking contrast to the more ornate features of the older home while maintaining a cohesive overall aesthetic.

Ultimately, the key to successfully connecting these two design worlds is finding a balance that respects the history of the older home while embracing the innovation of the modern extension. The result should be a cohesive and inviting space that seamlessly transitions from classic to contemporary, creating a home that tells a story of both past and present.



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