The flagship chandelier Artica embodies the spirit of the Manooi brand, and over time it became the recognised shape of Manooi around the world. Artica expresses the perfection of our universe, and is the product of dozens of ideations to embody this flawlessness. Artica is a magical chandelier representing two galaxies embracing each other. You can order Artica in classic transparent, or coloured crystal combination.

Available in seven standard sizes, and also in custom sizes upon request



János Héder + Judit Zoltai


Polished stainless steel




Full-cut crystal octagons and pendants in various zies and forms


Nickel plated wires

IP Rating


Light Source

LED 2700K 


Chandeliers with + sign: the top of the chandelier is also covered with crystal chains

L 1200 x W 450 x H 170mm / + H 200mm 

L 1400 x W 520 x H 190mm / + H 220mm 

L 1600 x W 600 x H 210mm / + H 250mm 

L 1800 x W 680 x H 210mm / + H 250mm 

L 2000 x W 750 x H 210mm / + H 250mm 

L 2200 x W 800 x H 260mm / + H 310mm 

L 2400 x W 900 x H 260mm / + H 310mm

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