Artikoi is the product of a playful encounter between architectural austerity and sparkling Manooi style: it blends the timeless shape of Artica with the rectangle, one of the purest architectural forms. You can choose transparent or coloured crystal combination. Available in different sizes and shapes. The + sign refers to chandeliers which are dressed with crystal trimmings all around.


János Héder + Judit Zoltai


Polished stainless steel 


Full-cut crystal octagons and pendants in various zies and forms


Nickel plated wires

IP Rating


Light Source

LED 2700K 


Chandeliers with + sign: the top of the chandelier is also covered with crystal chains.

L 1200 x W 750 x H 130mm / + H 200mm 

L 1400 x W 880 x H 130mm / + H 220mm 

L 1600 x W 1000 x H 150mm / + H 250mm 

L 1800 x W 1130 x H 150mm / + H 250mm 

L 2000 x W 1250 x H 170mm / + H 310mm 

L 2200 x W 1380 x H 170mm / + H 310mm 


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