Unique within the Manooi product range due to its vertical arrangement, Fjord is a vibrating waterfall of crystal, sparkling and illuminating the staircases and atriums in which it is installed. Used independently, or as part of a group installation, Fjord dazzles the eye of the beholder. Fjord is available as a ceiling light or as a pendant, making it an extremely versatile design.


János Héder + Judit Zoltai


Polished stainless steel




Full-cut crystal octagons and pendants in various zies and forms


Nickel plated wires

IP Rating


Light Source

LED 2700K 


Chandeliers with + sign: the top of the chandelier is also covered with crystal chains

D 220 x H 1000mm | D 220 x H 1200mm | D 220 x H 1400mm

D 220 x H 1600mm | D 220 x H 1800mm | D 300 x H 2100mm

D 320 x H 2400mm | D 320 x H 2700mm | D 320 x H 3000mm

D 320 x H 3300mm | D 400 x H 3600mm | D 400 x H 4000mm

D 400 x H 4400mm | D 480 x H 4800mm | D 480 x H 5200mm

D 560 x H 5600mm | D 560 x H 6000mm

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