Each chandelier is a unique, individual creation, the perfect choice for the lobby, the living room, or above the dining table. You can choose transparent or coloured crystal combinations in standard sizes or according to your needs.


János Héder + Judit Zoltai


Polished stainless steel 


Full-cut crystal octagons and pendants in various zies and forms


Nickel plated wires

IP Rating


Light Source

LED 2700K 


Chandeliers with + sign: the top of the chandelier is also covered with crystal chains

L 800 x W 930 x H 150mm / + H 190mm

L 1000 x W 1150 x H 150mm / + H 190mm

L 1200 x W 1380 x H 150mm / + H 190mm

L 1400 x W 1620 x H 150mm / + H 190mm


Download Specifications (PDF)



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