The philosophy of Modo is to create contemporary style decorative lighting. We provide creative lighting for residential settings. we bring technology and performance into workspaces and we provide integrated solutions for the contract sector. 

As part of our drive towards respect for the environment  and environmental sustainability, we are now carrying out special research into new-generation light sources that guarantee energy efficiency and long life. Like light, our creativity and our talent never stop and have enabled us to achieve a global dimension with a network of consolidated partners that has acknowledged our value, our ability to propose ever new original and innovative solutions and our manufacturing and commercial reliability.



“The fascinating thing about light is its changing and elusive qualities, like life, full of nuances and surprises, unpredictable  and therefore irresistible.”

For Modo, lighting means inspiring awe in the observer, offering new perspectives and translating lighting into refined designer shapes. Our language consists of essential lines and highly original combinations. Shapes and colours that seek to anticipate trends are combined with on-going research into innovative fabrics and materials, attention to detail, quality, creative freedom and exacting production standards, to create a great variety of models, all of which are synonymous  with character, vibrancy, life.


“Design and craftsman’s skill contaminate each other to give shape to ever new suggestions.”

Our identity is revealed in the simple, refined aesthetics of our creations and attention to detail. For Modo, Made  in Italy is not just a geographical indication of origin but a fundamental concept that influences its philosophy: design creativity in essential shapes combined with the tailoring skill of handcrafted workmanship. The result is a light that is not confined to illuminating space, rather it creates it.


“Light must not be confined to illuminating, it must create emotion.” We move between different shapes, dimensions and materials, creating versatile  and functional collections to give people the opportunity to express themselves through light. Different materials: fabrics, metals, glass and plastics, illuminated with the use of new lighting technologies. All elements that when combined, can be adapted to the various styles and intended uses. Decades of technical studies carried out on the product and its dynamics enable us to design customised, even unconventional, shapes,  on request.





Melbourne Studio.
259 Swan Street, Richmond VIC 3121
Phone. (03) 9037 0893
By Appointment only
Opening Times. Monday-Friday 9.30am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm
Public holiday – closed

Adelaide Studio.
442 Pulteney Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Mobile. +61 (0) 403 021 940
By Appointment only
Opening Times. Monday-Friday 10am – 5pm
Public holiday – closed 

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