A ceiling lamp designed to give spaces a measure of distinction. Slim, graduated "ruler lines" are created on the diffuser lens using a two-tone thermoformed technical fabric that is both fire resistant and washable, endowing the light with a rhythmic pattern.

This "ruler" can be formed of a range of colours, and makes a subtle reference to measurement, illuminating contract spaces – bars, restaurants, reading rooms, offices – with geometric precision, but it would be equally well-suited to residential designs with a strong sense of elegance.


Arturo Bellese



IP Rating


Light Source

Linear  LED modular 33.2W 2700/3000K (4880 lm)

Linear  LED modular 49.5W 2700/3000K (7335 lm)

Linear  LED modular 57.8W 2700/3000K (8550lm)


L 1000 x W 180 x H 210mm

L 1250 x W 180 x H 210mm

L 1600 x W 180 x H 210mm



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