Diapason, the new light source created by Paolo Grasselli and Arturo Bellese for Modo with the aim of leaving a subtle yet precise mark on its surroundings.

In harmony with nature, with its slim wooden "stem" and flexuous form, it is redolent of a tree whose branches have been bent to give it a profile that speaks of both geometry and music. Indeed, wood, the natural material par excellence, bends as it meets with the latest and most advanced technology: a new-conception LED strip with top lighting performance.

Made in birch plywood, Diapason is an original lamp that, in addition to serving its essential purpose of illuminating, seems to frame the surrounding spaces in a kind of osmotic relationship, placing a focus on views and portions of a setting that vary according to the position of the observer.

Generating pure light frequencies, a constant point of reference, just like the tuning fork after which the lamp is named, Diapason will have everyone tuned to a harmonious pitch of light, both indoors and out.


Paolo Grasselli + Arturo Bellese


Birch Plywood

IP Rating


Light Source

LED Flex IP65 13.8W 2700/3000K (1065 lm)

Touch Dimmer (indoor)

On/off Outdoor


D 440 x H 1850mm (floor)




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